Antoinette Brooks

  • Antoinette Brooks
  • Real Estate Agent
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  • Antoinette Brooks is a talented professional with more than 15 years of strategic operational leadership.  As such, she has negotiated, managed, and implemented detailed complex contracts on behalf of distinctive business customers. With such a stellar background, her move into real estate was a natural fit. Her attributes include:

    • Customer Focus – Understanding the needs of the customer and providing outstanding results
    • Interpersonal Relations – Working effectively with clients, lawyers, appraisers, other realtors, and lenders to close sales
    • Knowledge – Learning continuously to guide clients seamlessly through the legal processes of selling or buying properties
    • Honesty and Loyalty

    Antoinette Brooks has a Master of Business Administration Degree as well as numerous professional certifications in information technology. Her greatest satisfaction is helping clients achieve their goals.

    Obligation to Clients:

    Antoinette Brooks will first establish a fiduciary relationship. This relationship is one between the real estate agent, the fiduciary, and the buyer or seller, the principal. Ms. Brooks works on behalf of the client in either buying or selling property, and she abides by the client’s interest above the interest of any agent. Her obligations entail:

    • Assisting the home buyer in forming and writing the offer
    • Helping with the final  agreement
    • Ensuring documents are legally binding and correct
    • Following up on open issues: repairs, inspections, contractual items, etc.

    Services Rendered:

    Antoinette Brooks will lead clients from dreams to reality by providing an array of services. She will:

    • Develop a marketing plan designed to attract buyers
    • Assess the client's home and identify cosmetic improvements or curb appeal enhancements
    • Negotiate or mediate  between the buyer and the seller
    • Handle all procedures and paperwork required to close the deal

    If anyone requires a realtor, Antoinette Brooks should be the quintessential choice!

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