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    Arveece McCorkle


    As a Marylander, I attended the University of Maryland in College Park.  After graduation, I soon realized my passion for business, and started my own business a few years later.  Being a true entrepreneur at heart, I’ve owned numerous retail businesses for over 27 years, including a Real Estate Investment Company.

    I have also been a Real Estate agent for over 10 years.  I have the skills, knowledge and passion to advocate for my clients during the buying and selling process, or renovating their homes.  My background and education has trained me to evaluate objectively, adapt my focus based on the needs of my clients, and to view every detail as an important piece of the greater whole.  My individual engagement in home, community and in the Maryland market allow me a depth of understanding of area neighborhoods, school districts and on-going economic development across the area.

    I am passionate about all aspects of real estate… working with real estate agents, contractors in renovating homes, investors, real estate brokers, REO Specialists,    mortgage brokers and asset managers to sell foreclosed homes.  With my real estate knowledge and experience, I would be a great asset for everyone in this industry.

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